Surrealismo, 2020

Bird watching

Surrealismo, 2020

Bird watching


A 500 FIAT bordeaux in Bordeaux

Psychedelic situation


Which are the best stripes

Aseatic rhinoceros in San Lorenzo

Rhinoceros  Chapelle de Saint Antoine

Egg of brontozaurus

Elephant walk in Nantes

Everyone left

Call me back

Cross Roads

Sunday morning in the church


Aru and the duck

Easter island

Easter island

Zebra eegs

Can you give me a lift

Mexican look in tuscany

Lorient France

Tribute to Hopper

The crypt

Visiting Paris

My friend Yogy

Le colonne di San Lorenzo

Asian Rino

The fishers box

Say a little prayer

Tribute to Chillida

In the footsteps of the Saint

The white house

Standing in the dark

Painting clouds

The bathroom

La rotonda di besana

Whale watching

When the dawn is breaking

Should i enter

The zebra world

The shepard

The spa

Sorry but why do you dress like me

Waiting for the bus