Surrealismo, 2023

Try to catch the moon

Surrealismo, 2023

With a little help from my friend

The super pinguin

Hey Joe your brother is on TV


The rope

Breakfest in the refectory

I better sto dringking

William Turner's Oldsmobile


Message in the bottle

A horse with no name

Trip around the world in 80 days

I know my chicken


The cage


the King fish

Men at work

Water Problems

The family reunion

Duomo di Massa

Eggs en Provence

The big escape 

The pool

The swimmer


The fisherman

Back home

The fish cage

The long and winding road

Mont Saint Michel

Walking in a dream

If you believe go slowly

The hypopotamus sanctuary

The giant ostrich

The painter

The Donald

The recall

Watching a horror movie

Teatro del mundo

The lord of the eggs

Upside down

Two French horses and two African zebras

Family portrait

Reharsel for the biggest Egg show on earth

What goes on outside

Just the three of us

The elephant and the fish

The flight

White birds

Hidden man

The red balloon

The tree fish

The charm of the electronic cigarette


The spaceship

The smiling vulcan

On the way to Calloway

Zebra in the dark room

Tribute to Monet

In the dark side of the moon

The elephant and the fish

Problems on the highway

The scream