Surrealismo, 2021

Roots in Venaria

Surrealismo, 2021

The big tree

Uncontaminated nature

Roots in the royal palace

Absolutely unusual

The museum

Flying fish

A bear jumpig on the rope

A rainy day

Back home after the concert

Back to the summer

Another room in te same place

The flood

Too agitated penguins

The kiss

What is she doing

Penguins in the museum

Hey you , you go get a coffee

Great visit on the show

The B side

A day dream

Country Joe and the fish

Country Joe lost the fish

The country twins and the fish

Country Joe without the fish

The altar boy

The procession

San Galgano

The bride in white

What's going on behind the door

What's happenig outside

Dont look outside

swimming time

Holy birds

The flock

What a place

Home bascket

Elvira come down please

Surfing a fying fish

Catch the song bird

What's going on behind thr hedge

The cleaner

The monster fish

Full moon


Full moon on stripes

Empty place

I cant stop loving you

Car crash in the night

My personal portrait gallery

Milan Nantes all in one

Egmond beach

Tram line 15

Winny the Poo

Flying fish in the woods

Exercise on the rope

I am the egg man are you the walrus

Super egg

Danger ad Egmont beach

Rough road

Last minute

Forest of legs

Romeo and Giuliette

Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war ( song by Paol Simon )

Snow in my place

The flower power

Nobody gives a damn

The jump


The holy egg Pietrasanta

Sweeping away the light

Napoleons oldsmobile

The restoration

The poison mushroom

The white wall

The accident

The crew

The egg of the year


When the ship comes in

The shadow on the wall

The wall painter

The ambulance

A bear in the window

The alcove by Umberto Cavenago

The zebra family

The hole

The intruder

The zebra pants